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Peter said that he doesn’ t know Christ. Judas didn’ t say that he hadn’ t known him, but with his kiss, showed already him, who he is. The sin of Peter as long as it was, however it was casual and passing. The sin of Judas,as long as and if it was, however, was deliberate and permanent .Based on these, we can say the follow words, in some way, about:Someone can suddenly do a big sin, even a crime, because, as it is said, it was a bad time. But this man then, cry bitterly, like Peter, to repend and to receive forgiveness from God throught the priest of Spirit, and so, his sin of no longer be timed and not exist. On the contrary,perhaps, someone who hasn’ t done any great sin, to live in a permantly malice and says consciously: Me, such I am and I don’t’ t want to change character. And so, his malice to be permanent and existed.



The devil tries to cause troubles and doubt to faith, in order to make the fighter Christian to step down the good fight. Sometimes even, he manages to hinder the spiritual progress of the soul of some Christians, especially those who haven’ t been stabilized internally in the faith. In these souls, incites doubt and panic, which is detrimental to spiritual progress. But, the real militant of Christ shoudn’ t to recede in those methods of the devil one, but he has to listen inside himself the order of Lord: Be hurried and pray not to enter into temptation. So, he will react constantly against the invisible enemi and he will be winner with God’ s Grace which is graded richly with the Mysteries of the Church, and always accompanies the faithful people in the spiritual strung of the soul.



Is it correct  to say someone, I am who I am, and I’ m not going to be corrected? If the one who says that, doesn’ I believe in Jesus Christ, he has a lightening. But if he says it, an unbeliever, as to the means, he he mustn’ t say again because: a) If he means that the same one can’ t be corrected, it is not correct because, he is based  on his own weak forces.b) If he means that he doesn’ t want  to be corrected, it is not correct too, because now may be not to be corrected, but in the future, perhaps he may  want. c) If he means that neither  Christ may be correct, it isn’ correct , because it offends God himself. d) If he means that neither the others have been fixed, it is not correct, because million of people who have corrected, invalidates him.



Someone affected and offended with the slightest, because he has a lot of egoism. That he should do, is to cut this egoism. However perhaps, someone raped to say that, this, looks like the following: Somebody feels a headache in the slightest, because he has a head. He should cut his head. Indeed, he raped to talk him who said, what he had said. The head is a creation of God and nobody has the right to cut it. But the selfishness is a satanic spawn and we wish the man to cut it, because in front of God the egoism is an abomination, that is a disgusting thing.



A question mark that has always tormented people of all time, was (the) what happens beyond the grave. Is there actually beyond the grave life? And, if there is, how they spend there, the souls of men? How they live there, the ancestors, the relatives and the friends? Most of the folks, although they didn’ t know the details, they believed that the souls of the dead, live in the other world. They believe, that if in this life was fair, they live happy; Or, if they were unrighteous and criminals they are in sorrow and tribulation. However, the church reveals to us by the mouth of Christ, who knows everything, the beyond the grave reality. It tells us, that the souls of the dead live and actually, they live and feel much better than what she felt with the body and with all their senses. Furthermore, Christianity inform us that beyond the grave, life is divided into two statements to the contrary. This division is a fruit of the moral quality of the people. Those, who lived in the earthly life according to the will of God, they live close to God, with peace, joy and gladness. But those, who lived in this life, with the will of the devil one, they are afflicted without ever find the rest of the soul. The image of beyond the grave life, Lord presents, with the well-known story of rich man and Lazarus.The rich man had rank as the purpose of life fun, no interest in ever for the suffering man, which meant that he had lost and his essential humanity. Lazarus was poor and sick and sharing of the banks of the rich man with the dogs of the neighborhood. He never complained the poor man, and never indignanted for his situation, but he supported the cross of affliction with patience. So, when he died seized of the angels in the Paradise. He died and the rich man and he went to Hell. From there, he sees Lazarus in the bosom of Abraham, and begged Abraham to send Lazarus to bring him some water, because he was inflamed. But, when he was informed that , this was impossible, he begged Abraham to send Lazarus to say to his brothers who lived in the land, to live correctly, if they donn’ t want to go to Hell, them too. The answer was, that they have Moses and the prophets whom they must follow.Then, the rich man said to Abraham, that if their brothers see the siblings of the resurrected speak, they will believe. The answer of Abraham in these words of the rich man was categorical, remarkable and very instructive. He said that, if they don’ t believe in the words of Moses and prophets, then neither and, if one rise from the dead and have them spoken, will believe him. Whoever despises the word of God, is making a big mistake, if he says that he will believe only he see some miracles. The information of the Lord, for the horror that awaits the deniers of God, and those who despise His will, it concerns all people. Because of this, they need to develop practical faith, charity and love. Not to forget but never that, as Abraham walked from his hometown in his new homeland trusting God and so the Christians marche towards their heavenly homeland. The real children of Abraham, must show in practice, Abraham’ s faith, to be claimed to be found in his ranks. 


As the ark of Noah saved from the flood, all that was inside it, in a similar way and the Church of Christ save its members from the sin and the error. It is equipped with the necesserary resources that they required for this purpose. The Sacrements, teaching and overall, the whole work of the Church are at the disposal of every humain being. All that is required of Christians is to obey according with the regulations of the governor of the Church, which is Christ, to not to be in danger by atheism, unorthodoxy, hypocrisy and marerialism. As long as the outside of the Church there is no salvation, as out of ark perished, Christians have to believe without hesitation to God and to live with divotion to Him and love.Not to copy the unbelievers of Nohn’ s day, who would make fun of him, when he was telling them that there will be the flood. They must grab the opportunity for their salvation, because he who endures to the end will be saved.


The evil caused by the infidelity and, in general,by the sin, the martyrs of the Church, knew and remained steadfast in their faith and they didn’ t retreate to the pressures of their persecutors. They did not retreate in sin, but procceded with ferm step to the torment. Well, this martydorm was the gate throught which, they entered in eternal life, the Kingdom of God. Therefore, the life and the death of the people depends of the position which they take from the present life towards God. If they obey His will, they will be resurrected, not only physically but also spiritually. For this reason, those who wish to live in eternal, let them take care to apply the will of God in daily their life, and then they will have a solid hope that they’ ll listen God’ s Son voice, who will invite them into the Kingdom of Heaven, where they enjoy the eternal bliss.


The man, as well is known, into the Paradise, traited casually and he didn’ t appreciate nor the wonderful position in which God had placed him, nor the psychosomatics gifts that He had given him. On the contrary, he fell into the deadly trap of the enemy and the results of this disobedience to God were tragic both for each person and for the whole society. So, when the Son of God became a man, He didn’ t meet the man as he was into the Paradise, but wounded by sin. He met the man who had fallen from its original glory, immeasurably thug bluster and deformed mentally and physically. So Christ, took on the task of saving of the soul people, from the moral extraordinary account, in order to make them be reborned, namely, a new creation. With the sword of His word, cleans, in a various ways, the sufferers and as omniwise doctor, created the clinic of His Church, from which everybody is called to pass. Those who pass, they don’ t pass just as indifferent visitors, but as faithful Christians in order to find healing and salvation. Only, with the Mysteries of the Church, who sanctify and with the daily implementation of the will of God, it is possible to progress and re-establish communication with God.


Christ, as in every age, so and today, continues to do good to people, although many are shown ungrateful. But the Lord continues His work and He leads people in the Church to leal from their psychic sores and wounds. That many are shown ungrateful, show that people, another little else too, only in difficult moments of their life, remember God, and then, they beg Him to help them. But when they get rid of the evil that is found, then they forget Him and they didn’ t feel the need to please Him. However, despite of the ingratitude of the people, God doesn’ t cease to be charitable and to love all His creatures without exception of their behavior towards Him. The ingratitude towards God, harms mainly the ungrateful man, because the ingratitude is a passion of the soul and it has harmful consequences for him, who shows it. God isn’ t offended by any evil, and The same God mind none. God offers the manna to the Israelites in the dessert and they ate it, and those instead to thank Him, they showed ingratitude and disobedience. Christ, lepers cleaned, the sick healed, deads raised, and the people instead of thanks, they asked Pilate to crucify Him. But today, the same policy are continued by a lot of people. In various ways, God does good to the people, and yet many of them turn elsewhere their looks. It is necessary to thank continually God, not only for the material spiritual goods that gives us, but even for the woes that many times allow us to find obviously for our benefit.


The earthly life is the place where the love, the kindness the humanity and the fraternal solidarity regn, as God’ s will is! The passions should be limited and especially the passion of greed. The Apostle Paul says that, when we have diets and blankets, let’s practice them. This, of course, does not mean that the rich in this world are doomed, because they are rich, because they can use for themselves, but also for those in need. They can help the poor and patients with the assurance that their charity will be received from God, as a positive element in the day of Judgment. God is merciful and gives grace and mercy to those who gives arms to the weak and the poor. Example from the Old Testament of a rich man, is Job whom God has blessed richly. His riches didn’ t make ungrateful to God nor hard towards their fellow human beings. On the contrary he was a man of God and everybody estimated him and they had him in great reputation . But Abraham as well, whom God led him to the promised land and gave him many riches, he didn’ t seem ungrateful to God. His first work, as soon as he arrived in the promised land, was to pray and thank the most gracious God for his benefactions. But one full rich want all of its own and didn’ t want to emulate the Job and Abraham. Let’ s avoid his example.

By John Dimos



Translated by Angela B.  

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