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It Is well known that one of the most important goods of every man is freedom. All people are entitled to live free, what the person enslaved is miserable and wretched. The man, He was created to live a slave in an atmosphere of coercion and violence, nor, of course, to be promiscuous and to do what he likes. Created by God, free to perform happily and willingly the duty and debt. But because man is composed of body and spirit, the concept of freedom has two sides, the physical and the spiritual. If there is the absence of one of the two, then the man in depth, in terms of freedom, it is disabled. Unfortunately, very often occurs the phenomenon to be people physically, although free, mentally, though enslaved, and vice-versa, pneumatic, although free, but physically slaves. The physical freedom, if you extend one, is the so-called national freedom which coincides with the freedom of an entire people who, in a body, struggling and vigilant about maintaining it. As for the spiritual or moral freedom, i.e. the freedom of the soul, apart from the evil spirits which seek the destruction of the people, as enemies, and the various passions of sin which enslave man. It is a terrible spiritual bondage, so as a wise man said, it's better to be a slave to tyrants than to be a slave of the passions. One could say that the different passions are rings of a chain that appear inside the man and, when given a reason, then manifest themselves externally. As is known, the trunk from which sprout all the passions is the passion of pride and selfishness. This passion ravages all, to a small or greater extent, and it is every bit as evil. The presence of all the passions that ruine and the danger resulting from this obliges all of us to fight against them so that aligning with the will of God, to have moral freedom. This freedom is guaranteed and offers only Christ.



It's hard to describe with words what he felt and what he lived Peter and two other disciples, James and John, on mount Tabor at the time of the Transfiguration of the Lord. The words joy, rejoicing, delight, spiritual, bliss, bliss and everything else, they are not able to give us a sense of the blissful of that situation, in which were found the three students. Peter, for the account and of the other two, he said spontaneously, Sir, it is good to stay here. If you want, let us make three tents, one for You, one for Moses and one for Elijah. That said Peter, who every day with the other students lived near to Jesus, listened to His teachings, saw the miracles, and yet never had lived what they were living now in Tabor. I had never experienced this before, because the Lord lived as a simple man of humility, concealed the divine glory. As humbly born in the manger of the horse of animals, so he humbly were living and between people, hanging out with yes, the poor and the weak. Exception in continuing this humble appearance of the Lord is the Transformation, during which His face lit up like the sun, and the clothes became as white as the light. There have been Moses and Elijah, who conversed with Him. Then a cloud of bright the cover, and a voice was heard to say, This is my beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased. Him to listen to. We see here that the Lord left some of the rays of His divine glory to light it up human nature. Also we see that the Heavenly Father confessed to His Son dear to Whom consents fully and displays one of the Masters of the universe. This is precisely the divine glory of the Lord compelled His disciples, and made Peter to say, Lord, it is good to stay here. It is impossible the Son of God! What if you took a servant's form? What if he walked on this earth as a humble man? What if he humbled Himself as much as anyone else? All those accepted for the salvation of men in obedience to the will of the Heavenly Father. In spite of all this, however, does not cease to be Himself the true Light and life of the people. It never ceases to be the One who will come again in glory to judge the world. It never ceases to be That which the unspeakable beauty of his face will gaze at the eternal citizens of the Kingdom of God.

By John Dimos



Translated by Angela B.

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