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The name of every person accompanies him in all his life, and is an essential element for him. So all the peoples, give to every man who comes in the world his name. One of the nations who paid more attention to the importance of the names were the people of Israel. The name for the Israelites brought a property, and usually a feature. For example, Abraham who was called Abram, and renamed by God to Abraham, which means that he will become the progenitor of many peoples. Also, the same happened with the name of Jacob who was renamed by God to Israel, because he seemed strong in prayer before God. We also have amendments and name changes in the New Testament, such as Simon, whom ( I mean Simon) Jesus named Peter for the stability of his faith. The sons of Zebedee, were named sons of thunder. Saul was called Paul, and John was also called Mark. A special place, however, holds the name Emmanuel which is given prophetically to Jesus Christ, and means God is with us. The importance of His Name seemed to the incarnated appearance of the God and Man Jesus Christ on earth, so God was really associated with the people. But the name which finally prevailed for the Savior of the world is Jesus Christ. The Christ accompanies humanity, and governs His Church not only on the outside but also by entering the interior of the heart and mind of every faithful man, and therefore, whoever confesses with his mouth the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and believe with his heart that God raised Him from the dead he will be saved, as the Apostle Paul says. With the Name of Jesus Christ the Church stood on its feet and the Christianity was spread. With This Name evil spirits were driven out and all the powers which were contrary to God were trampled. The Name Jesus Christ is full of life and strength so that any man who embraces it ( I mean the Name) with a faith through deeds can be healed and saved mentally and physically many times. This life jacket of salvation is used by those who want to be saved, and manifest the required value and discipline in Jesus Christ. So, the faithful christians have the assurance that even their names will be written in the book of life for eternity. 



The word peace has a great impact on people's lives in individuals, groups and peoples. And while people as individuals have a need for internal peace without which( I mean the peace) they are unable to stand in life, the family as a group has also the need of peace, because otherwise it will fall into discord and will be disbanded. But even the society needs the gift of peace to avoid wars and strife. The peace, as it is known, is a gift of God. In the Old Testament Jesus is prophesied as the Prince of peace and in the New testament He appears as its sponsor( I mean the sponsor of peace). He blesses t those who fight for peace with the well-known beatitude. Paul also advises the christians to seek peace with everyone. But even the Church in its( I mean the Church's) worship uses in many ways the word peace. The picture of the internal life of the people is related very much to the image of the sea which is often tame, but many times it gets frustrated by making threatening waves. In this way, the human soul is sometimes soothing and calm, other times a storm bursts from within which threatens to drown the man. The main cause of this internal turmoil is the sin which is like a boulder which is thrown in a calm tank of the soul and thus the agitation comes. Then, the psychosomatic entity of the man tests a lot of discomfort, grief, nervous tension and guilt. But the human body is a house of God and in order to be peaceful from within, there must be a receptive and a humble heart. It should also be noted that the entrance of Jesus Christ in the world was done with the accompaniment of the famous angelic anthem which is also refered to the peace Τέλος συζήτησης.



Some people should not feel strange when the word satan or devil is mentioned, or even doubt his existence, because the denial of the existence of evil spirits does not remove the reality of the evil one, who fights constantly the people. A testimony of the evil spirits' action, is when Jesus Christ Himself said that when the unclean spirit comes out from the man, it hovers in desolate places, where, however, it finds no rest and so returns to its home, which is the man from whom it came out and finds the house wiped. hen it takes seven spirits more wicked than it, and dwell together in this man and so his condition becomes worse than the previous one. Jesus Christ's coming in the world had and has a purpose to dissolve the works of the devil and deliver the people from his (I mean the devil's) tyranny and slavery. During His earthly path the Lord released many possessed people. So, those who know the risk which comes from satan, have to believe in God and conform to His will. They need to call the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and turn away the sin in all its forms, with which it occurs.



Jesus Christ taught with His works and His words to be patient and forgive our fellow people. Especially, in the parable of the evil servant, we see that, when this servant asked the tolerance of his master for the settlement of the debt of thousand talents, the master gave it to him. But then, immediately, he seemed to be cruel and imprisoned for a few dinars his colleague and as a result of this deed, his boss imprisoned him. Sometimes, of course, the dishonesty and dissembling of some people test the people with good intentions who, however, should not be involved in trouble, but let their anger go. They neet to be merciful and pray for them by immitating  the example of our Lord Who prayed to His Father even for the people who crucified Him. Even though vengeance looks as a satisfactory solution, in fact it is not a solution. Seemingly, it gives the impression of victory, but deep down, it is a defeat. The right attitude for the man, is not to be defeated from evil, but to show patience, as God shows patience with love for him. We don't live in a society of saints and angels, but among people with weaknesses and flaws which often grieve and upset us. And again, we must forgive and pray for them. The judgment belongs to God and we must not take the law by our own hands, as it is wrongly supported by many people. We don't have to retreat to the evil, but to beat the evil with the good, which requires a struggle, because without struggle we can't do anything. This is the good fight which Apostle Paul fought until the end of his life, in order to receive the prize of the heaven's call.



Many times, it is known that people become hunters of various terrestrial treasures which they yearn to own them(the treasures of course). And although the treasures, as long as they are obtained legally, form an important factor in the hands of the owners, so far as they provide many conveniences in daily life, but their friendship is temporary and the dwelling in a man's hands is completely ephemeral. No earthly treasure can protect and ensure the humans on the earth or in the heaven, because there, neither the wealth, nor the glory accompanies the man. However, in contrast to the material and perishable treasures, there are also the incorruptible spiritual treasures which the thieves can not steal them and grab them by blackmailing. This treasure is the kingdom of God which whoever wins, can be really described for the rest of his life as a happy and eternally a blessed man. If the man gains the whole world ,but loses the kingdom of God, nothing benefits him. On the contrary, if the man has an earthly damage, as long as he wins the kingdom of God, then he has won everything and especially in the greatest degree. That's why all those who set this goal have fought the good fight of faith and love. They despise everything in order to gain Jesus Christ. The thing which people, who wish to earn the kingdom of God, need to be aware, is the preservation of faith, struggle, love and hope in God. They need to have patience in tribulations which they will encounter in their earthly life.Grief, when it is based on faith, makes the warrior brave, and approaches God. This means that whoever remains steady and warm in faith in Jesus Christ until death, will live forever.

By John Dimos



Translated by Angela B.

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