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One of the events any normal human is, also the shame which holds him back from the mischief of everyday life. The shame usually occurs after the commission of acts contrary to the will of God. A classic example are Adam and Eve who rushed to hide after their fall, because they had lost their original innocence and boldness towards God.

However, there is another shame that test many, when it comes to confess their faith in front of people. This happens,because they give importance to the opinion of the others and depend their position before God on this kind of opinion. They are afraid that they will be mocked or underestimated by the others and do not hesitate to join with the cosmic way of thinking in order to choose between God's and human's appreciation. The Christian, however, should be a fighter and not ashamed of his faith. He has to bear the cross, because he is the seal of the genuine followers of Jesus Christ, who wish to gain the kingdom of heaven.The faithful man or woman has to endure the cross, and to proceed with a steady step to the path of duty,by setting aside the shame. He doesn't have to fear, because the cross will never exceed the power of his or her endurance. The salvation of the soul requires a permanent and a stable faith in Jesus Christ and,at the same time,a spirit of heroism and self-sacrifice in life. It is known that many martyrs sacrificed their lives for the implementation and dissemination of the christian truth, and all of them took part in the chorus of the friends of God.

Unfortunately, however, there are always people numb, cold, and lukewarm in the faith.They are ashamed to confess Christ, because they will be considered by the others as people with a backward way of thinking. So, some of them follow the worldy way of thinking, others try to reconcile the irreconcilable. They imitate the man who tries to sit between two chairs. This method is wrong and anyone who follows it,can not be recovered, because it is impossible to work for two masters. Whoever is not with God is against God and whoever is a friend of the evil world,he becomes an enemy of God.

But is it not unreasonable to be ashamed of confessing Jesus Christ his Savior? The one who governs the universe and sacrificed His life for the salvation of the world? Him for Whom the saints of the Church gave their lives?The faithful should not be affected by the opinion of other people, but to confess with boldness his faith to Jesus Christ.In this way,he or she will be worth by God to be found among the saints in the heavenly kingdom.



It is known that the Orthodox christians confess in the Symbol of Faith, faith in the Triune God. The three Persons of the Godhood are often mentioned in the Bible,which is the Old and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, better known was the Father, but when the fullness of time came,the Son appeared with His incarnation. On the day of Pentecost,the Holy Spirit was descended. The truth that God is One and Triune is a Sacrament,which is called the Sacrament of the Holy Trinity,which only can be approached with the faith .The Divine Persons are equal among themselves, and make the one Triune God. The completion of the revelation of the Triune Godhood was made on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was descended, Which illuminated the Apostles, and continues to remain in the Church. The presence of the Holy Spirit infuses all the phases and events of the church's life and exercises with various ways beneficial effect on the people who come to the Christian faith. God is the value of the values, and it is worthy and right to be praised by all. If anyone does not love God,he offends God, because the sin prevents him, as the clouds block the sun. So if we want to be saved, a necessary task for us is to maintain our faith, not only in theory but also in practice,by remaining forever humble to the will of God.



The war was characterised as a necessary evil, because people many times experience wars,or need to fight. But if there is a war for the physical and national freedom, there is also a spiritual struggle,which is to maintain the moral freedom,which is the exemption from the passions and sin. This is the so-called invisible war. This invisible war is watched by the first and the only winner of sin which is Jesus Christ, the Son and Word of God and He crowns the winners of this war.

For this reason,each day forms of brave fighters whose names and accomplishments are shown as an example to the believers are commemorated by the Church. Especially during the Sunday of All Saints the entire cast of fighters and the great cloud of witnesses of the Church rimmed with the amaranth crown of glory are shown up in the Church's life. They are the brothers of Christ who washed the uniform of their soul in the Blood of the Lamb and were glorified by God.This triumphant army,in whose passage all of the opposing forces are crushed, are fighters coming from every tribe and language, from every social class and every gender.In this way,anyone can see with the eyes of the soul, toddlers who were slaughtered, young men and women who did not fall (in the temtation of the world of course), men and women,deacons,priests and bishops,evangelists, missionaries and prophets who were martyred.

The blood of these brave fighters painted the garment of the Church in red colour and watered the tree of faith. The radiant faces of the saints,adorn the crown of the Church and are the reason for imitation why we honour the saints when we imitate their lives.

But what do those who want to imitate the saints and desire truly the holiness have to do?They have to appreciate its value ( I mean the value of the holiness ), and always be willing to sacrifice everything in order to achieve it Those who desire holiness,need to send away their egos and grant in their hearts,the position to the Son of God, who is the Lord their God and gives the blessing to the struggling believers.Jesus Christ gives His grace to the believers to complete their spiritual struggle and follow the example of the saints. The example of those who glorified God after they overcame their selfishness, and while they lived in this world,have been erected over him, and lived the life of Christ.



As it is well known,the Church is called Universal, because its goal is to include many people as possible who will become a family with God as its father. The gates of the Church remain perpetually open so that any prudent man can enter freely by taking advantage of the opportunity,because the days are evil. God,of course doesn't force anyone to become a member of the Church. However,the people who become its ( I mean the Church's) members,have to be consistent with their duties as christians, because the christian life is a struggle and it's not enough to be a christian only typically. Many are those who ignore the content of the Gospel and continue to be in the bosom of sin. Others do not pay attention to the Gospel and continue to live in the kingdom of iniquity even though they heard the christian teaching and found what is the truth and the way of life. These people,even though they think that they are enjoying the life,deep down,they are miserable, slaves of the passions and of sin. And sin performs such charm and power to those who submit to it so that their thinking is permanently adherent to the evil. The only path to salvation is the christian teaching which is enjoyed by those who are devoted to this, because only the continuous discipline in the teaching of the Lord ensures the salvation of man.



One of the most delicate and valuable members of the human body are the eyes. This delicacy is shown by the place they occupy and the protective means by which the eyes are safeguarded.The fact that the eyes are precious,is shown by the fact that no man accepts to trade them for any earthly treasure.The eyes are the living windows of the human body with which the soul communicates with the outer world.So the eyes,as headlights, ahead the whole organism,control the configuration of the ground and warn the existence of danger points on the road, so as the man to protect himself in order to avoid dangerous falls and slips. The eyes are namely a precious gift of God to man.According to the words of Jesus Christ, the eye symbolises the eye of the soul as well,and thus,the condition of the eye is the seal of the internal moral quality of man.If the eye is innocent, then,in the interior of the soul there is a moral purity and grace of God. However,if the eye is evil, then inside the heart,spiritual darkness and sin prevail.From the bad use of the eyes, it is possible for the destruction of man to come. It is possible for the ship to be sunk, if the water of the sea enters from the shattered crystal of a single window to its ( I mean the window's) interior. This risk obliges the man to dominate constantly in his eyes,not to allow to see guilty,dangerous and sinful woolgathering, but to see properly as God wants.The mind of man has always to feel the presence of God before him. So,be cautious not only not to hurt our eyes, but also to see properly by the light of Christ.

By John Dimos



Translated by Angela B.

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