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When one is buried under rubble, one's hope is the rescue team. When one is a castaway in the open sea, one's hope is the helicopter. When one is sentenced to the death penalty, one's hope is mercy. When one is poisoned, one's hope is the antidote. When the entire world is burdened with the heavy load of sin, their hope is Jesus Christ who carries the world's sin.


A woman facing a serious medical condition was, abruptly and without much consideration, told by an acquaintance the words of the Apostle Paul. "Whom the Lord loves He chastens." He did not tell her, however, the words preceding that phrase nor the ones that follow, in which God's paternal love becomes apparent, especially at the moment of temptation. While his intention was to give her strength and support her, the woman, who was in great suffering at that moment, heard these words, did not understand their meaning and imagined God as a punisher. Because of that, in an equally abrupt and unthinking manner as her acquaintance, she asked, "of all the people in the world, why did God have to love me?" It is therefore important to consider the manner in which one speaks, even when spreading the words of God.


Humility is a stranger to many and therefore, many times, they don't even want to hear its name. They have no idea of the precious things they are missing without it. Wherever there's egoism, humility hides its face. Wherever it exists, egoism disappears simply because humility is the light while egoism the darkness. The same way light chases away the darkness, humility chases away egoism. Those who have humility love themselves as well as other people with genuine love. First and foremost though, they love Jesus Christ from whom love originates.

Humility leads people to great heights. Wherever there's humility, God's favour follows and with it come the virtues, centering on love, which is the integral of the divine law. We see, therefore, that humility chases egoism away and brings love forth. Love leads to God from whom it originates as it was previously mentioned. Jesus Christ Himself, the Son of God, humbled Himself and took the role of a servant, teaching us in that way the value and importance of humility. Humility and love then are important components of the Christian life and are an invaluable treasure for every person. Those who seek to gain this treasure are certainly wise and clever while the same cannot be said for those who choose to scorn it.

By John Dimos



Translated by Angela B.   

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