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When and where, there was slavery, the slave could not do anything by himself in order to be released. But if he was informed that there is someone able to release him, of course he would like  to meet Him. What can release man from the sin of the slavery and error, is the Word of Christ that leads to the knowledge of the Truth. All you have to do is to stay faithful to His Word to meet the Truth and this will set you free!


When a man is trapped under the ruins, his hope is the rescuers. When someone is shipwrecked at the ocean, his hope is an helicopter. When somebody is condemned to death, his hope is the Grace of God. When someone has been poisoned, his hope is the antidote. When everybody is tired because of the heavy load of the sin, his hope is the Christ who was crossed for the sins of people.


Someone was talking to someone else about a very old man he knew. He believed that God was making him live for so long, in order to punish him for not being a good person. Then, the other one told him, if that’s the case , maybe he does not allow this  to punish him, but to give him a chance to repent ,while someone else might die young to avoid sin. The first one thought he was smart, but the other one was wise.



Someone used to poison with words one of his friends. When that man once seemed annoyed, the first man to justify his behavior ,  told him: Come on, my friend , it was just a joke. Then his friend, joking  also ,  told him: what a coincidence, the devil also makes jokes like this. Well, attention! Because each time someone plays with other people’ s souls , he can be confused with devil. God, definitely can’t be poisoned  and of course he doesn’ t poison any soul, too, according to  James words.( J 1, 13).


The Sinful Passions and the Demons

The sinful passions and  sin in general aren’t demons but we can call it  moral evil. Evil doesn’t exist as an entity but the devil is an evil spirit. If we say that a passion is a demon, then someone could  also say that devil doesn’t exist but is the personalization of evil. In order to avoid this misunderstanding, we should say  that a sinful passion is born by devil and it is not the devil himself. The passion is hidden inside the heart of man. If we tell that it is a devil, then someone might think that we all have a devil inside our heart. And if someone has a little passion, then the someone could  say that he has a little devil in him. So the passions are not identical to  demons. Now during a conversation, if someone  makes this mistake, we absolutely understand what he is talking about.

By John Dimos



Translated by Angela B.   

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